More than just LED'S

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2 lightbox’s for sale not tryying to part out unless the deal is good enough
1st box-
40- super bright bulbs from LEDKID (red/green/blue/yellow/white)
30 - clear bulb RGB for modding (matrix,orcale,chroma,ezlite,bit2)
40 - bit 2 chips (discontinued)
40 - black bit 2 cases
40 - bit diffusers
2 - emerssive energy chips
10 - domes
10 - popcorn
box 2
8x red 3.0 cases
8x yellow 3.0 cases
30x bit 2
30x black cases
30x bit diffusers
8x modded microskinz
20x clear bulb RGB for modding chips
10x 1st gen clear tri colors
30x dots with 1st gen bulbs
or both boxs for $450, yea ill ship t
also 2x red blurples and 2x red blurple ribbions? for sale

you prettty much get about 10 FULL sets of lights thas a steal…



[AAG Prospect][PDK][RBB] Smiles: Creature From the Depths pt.1 (x)



Here is our newest mix! drop a like and share!
1. Get low vs twerking dance vs Gstring- S Wells mashup
2.break it down - riot ten
3. Bang it to the curb - far east movement 
4.hotdamn- tropkillaz 
5. Samurai - eruku 
6. Keep it 100 - grandtheft 
7. Ratchet vs let me tell you something -foxx flow 
8. Cbat -Hudson Mohawk
9. Diamonds on my neck -spenca and afk
10. 4 in the morning -yellow claw 
11. Hatch - hucci
12. Erebus - luzcid 
13 no control - bro safari
14.freak that shit - ray volpe remix 
15. Don’t need you - noxiK
16. Twerk decisions - DIOX booty bootleg


Please share me and my homies mix guys:) thank you!

chroma unboxing



In an ideal world, every cute girl that reblogged or liked this gif would be totally chill with making out with me.

Wat when did this come back?

"Fractals are infinitely complex patterns that are self-similar across different scales. Fractal patterns are extremely familiar, since nature is full of fractals. For instance: trees, rivers, coastlines, mountains, clouds, seashells, hurricanes, and fairies."

[FM][MeOW] Aang - Don’t Be A Stranger

My first HD video Yaaaaaayyyy. 

Hey there everybody, some of you might be wondering what the new watermark on some of the gifs is, so I figured I should intoduce myself. Some of you might already know me, but name is Andy, nopants-trancedance, and I go by Aang. I’ve been gloving for a little over two years now, and am honored to be sponsored by KandeKreations. @theboredkid has asked me to help with some content creation, so you’ll be seeing a lot more gifs from us. I’ve been following this blog for a while now, and am excited for the chance to add to what you’ve come to expect from allthingslightshows. Feel free to continue to interact with us, I’ll try to answer any questions you have, just wanted to say hi, and hopefully you enjoy all the additional gifs and whatever else I can bring to this blog. Have a great night!


[Ambience][GB] Echo
[PM][FML][MOB] Panda
[ILL] Laftr

Hi yes hello! My name is Tetris and I’m in love with the ocean. :) Gloving on the beach makes me insanely happy and is my cure for everything. This was taken at Sunset Beach on O`ahu’s North Shore, one of my favorite places on the island. Where is your favorite place to glove? :D